Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Massachusetts Self Storage Association?
A: The Massachusetts Self Storage Association is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals and business people who have an interest in the self storage industry in Massachusetts.  MASSA was created to promote a standard of professionalism and to enhance the performance and quality of the services our industry has to offer.

Q; Who can be a member?
A: Members include owners, operators, vendors, developers, investors, property managers, and suppliers of products and services that are used in self storage.

Q: Why should a self storage facility owner or industry supplier join MASSA?
A: The benefits of membership with MASSA are numerous. MASSA provides networking and educational events, a quarterly magazine, a standardized rental agreement, access to trade publications at a  discount, and many other savings and benefits. We are frequently adding new benefits for our members every day!

Q: How do I join?
A: Joining MASSA is simple! For an online application, click here, or call (617) 600-4481 to join by phone. Membership is only $300 per year and includes your first facility. Additional facilities cost $75 each.

Q: Where can I get information on the events and educational programs provided by MASSA?
A: Simply click on Calendar located under our Events tab above.

Q: How can our company advertise to the members of the Massachusetts Self Storage Association? Can we get the membership mailing list?
A: MASSA has a number of ways suppliers and vendors can reach members of the Association. Advertising is available in our newsletter, on our website, and in the form of sponsorships for our networking and educational programs.
ALL members of MASSA are able to view the membership online.
A membership mailing list is available in electronic format to members only. We do not provide member information to nonmembers or for those members who choose to keep their information private.

Q: I am interested in building or owning a self storage facility. Where can I find information on acquiring and/or developing a facility with information from how to best use my land to designing unit mixes to managing the finished product?
A: Go to our Vendors section under the Members tab to locate vendors who provide the specific information you need. Each vendor has chosen a category that best explains the products or services they provide. You can also attend a networking program to meet people that can direct you to your answers.

Q: Where can I get legal help?
A: MASSA does not provide legal advice. However, the Self Storage Association (SSA) provides their members exclusive access to the legal hotline services of the Self Storage Legal Network (SSLN). The SSLN is available only to SSA members and is one of the best sources available for obtaining industry-related legal information. Attorneys D. Carlos Kaslow, Joseph D. Joiner, and Scott Zucker, whose combined experience in the self storage industry exceeds 50 years, operate the SSLN. For more information, visit www.selfstorage.org.

Q: How do I get the Northeast EDGE magazine?
A: The Northeast EDGE is free to members. It is published quarterly by MASSA and CTSSA and provides pertinent information on current tends in the self storage industry, activities of the association, and informative articles on legal, management, and operational issues.
While nonmembers cannot receive the newsletter, you can add yourself to the MASSA mailing list to receive updates by registering as a Prospective Facility or Prospective Vendor.

Q: What is the difference between MASSA and the National Self Storage Association (SSA)?
A: The SSA is a national trade association that covers self-storage issues on a national basis. MASSA provides a more local, grassroots focus, and answers the needs and trends of conducting business in the state of Massachusetts. Many of the issues facing self storage owners and operators are local in nature.

Q: How do I find a storage unit to rent in Massachusetts?
A: To find a MASSA facility member, please click on the Members tab, and search by the city, state, or zip code in which you are looking for storage.

Q: I am interested in becoming more involved in the self storage industry. What should I do?
A: First, join MASSA, where you can attend education seminars and webinars, networking events, and other events that address issues within the state of Massachusetts.
Second, check the Events tab of the website, or contact MASSA at (617) 600-4481 or one of the MASSA Board Members and ask what other opportunities are available that you may participate in at the present time.

Q: I would like to have a company manage my self storage facility and/or have a consulting company analyze my self storage facility. Do you know where I can find information regarding property management and consulting companies?
A: Under the Members tab, click on Vendors. There, you can search for specific products and services offered by MASSA members.

Q: I am storing my belongings at one of MASSA’s member facilities and I am having trouble resolving an issue with that property. Can MASSA help me?
A: All MASSA members are expected to adhere to a level of professionalism as outlined in the Massachusetts Self Storage Association Code of Ethics. Generally, MASSA does not get involved in matters concerning individual facility disputes and complaints. We encourage you to first take up the matter with the owner or management company that operates the facility where you are storing your belongings, and then seek legal assistance if necessary to resolve the issue.

Q: I have a legal question about the rights and liabilities of self storage owners/operators and/or self storage tenants.
A: MASSA does not provide legal advice, however, our members who are also members of the national SSA are encouraged to join the Self Storage Legal Network (SSLN). The SSLN is a convenient way to have legal questions answered accurately and quickly by attorneys with substantial experience in the self storage industry. For an annual subscription fee, there is no limit to how many times you may contact the SSLN for legal information. To sign up for this program, please contact the SSA at (703) 575-8000.

Q: The lien process is complicated and always changing; where can I find up-to-date information about Massachusetts’ lien laws?
A: Members can obtain the Lien Law, the Tenant Insurance Bill, the unofficial bill recently passed for the Massachusetts lien process, as well as a PowerPoint explaining legal terms in the Member Resources page (you must be logged in to access).
Nonmembers can access the full Lien Law at here.

Q: Where can I obtain a current Massachusetts self storage rental agreement?
A: Jeffrey Greenberger, a well-respected self storage attorney headed up the creation of MASSA’s revised self storage rental agreement. The updated Word document is free for members. Simply fill out the Agreement for Use, which can be found under the Standard Forms for Use segment in the Member Resources section (you must be logged in to access).
Nonmembers, please click Contact, fill out your information, and let us know you are interested.